Email Jun. 21, 2019


Just found your blog! Watch The Brawl to Settle it All and you're fighting Sika. Went to check up on you and very pleased to see you very active!. I'll be reading everything you have here. Thank you for the work you did. Every wrestling match needs a great
dance partner. I only wish the WWE would celebrate true journeyman. All the best!

Email Apr. 3, 2019

A. Fili

Hi Mr. Shaw...Did you drive a Yellow Bus for the School District of Philadelphia back in the mid-80's? I think you were my bus driver. I remember you had a broken leg. I think I still have your autograph on my report card. I have always been a fan, and
look forward to site updates.

Email Feb. 6, 2019

Alice Rose

Nice pix.

Email Feb. 6, 2019

Alice Rose

You should check this out. There a whole Pinterest album of you.

Email Website Jan. 19, 2019

Dee Dee DeDago

The picture says it all.

Email Jan. 2, 2019

Emmett Wayne


Great website. Lot's of history here. I was wondering if you ever wrestled as the Executioners (tag team) with Bobby Heenan as your manager in Memphis, TN. I am just trying to figure out who the executioners were in this video:

Thanks for the memories.


Email Website Dec. 2, 2018


Excellent site web. Very interesting!

Email Nov. 2, 2018


Hey Ron you are also on Facebook, like to connect with you champ, a real living legend in pro wrestler. Keep it up Mister.

Email Oct. 31, 2018


Hey there Ron. Longtime fan and really like the website. Was wondering if you had any interest in appearing at wrestling conventions or could possibly sign an item I have? Thanks.

Email Sep. 18, 2018


Ron, it was such a thrill to see you in Atlantic City after many many years and looking forward to our reunion again next April. Your site is fantastic

Email Website Jun. 3, 2018

Cherie Well

Love your site! Keep up the good work :)

Email May. 7, 2018


David Sammartino lifted you over his head a filmed match before the phantom submission

Email Apr. 29, 2018

Jimmy Owens

Love your work Ron, i got a question.. how long did you wrestler as the executioner in 1981 in the WWF for? I read Pete Doherty also wrestled as the Executioner which causes some confussion for me.

Email Website Feb. 12, 2018


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Email Jan. 14, 2018

Dave Carl

Thanks Ron!!! I was one of the guys at Hamburg Fieldhouse for the 3 weeks of taping for all-star wrestling. My buddies and I use holler Ron Shaw when you would come out as the masked executioner!!! Those were great times!!!