Email Nov. 20, 2017


Hi Mister Ron, You are a Great Champion i'm big fan of you, your body is awesome, hope to see more videos. could you please take some pictures with wrestling trunks. thanks

Email Nov. 1, 2017

Love Sandy

Great wrestling interview last week. I was there when you pinned Chief Jay Strongbow for the win that had to be another upset for you

Email Website Aug. 16, 2017


I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

Email Jul. 23, 2017


Keep up the good work. More matches, please.

Email Website Jul. 16, 2017

Amie Byrd

What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Email Jul. 5, 2017


Love the page.

Email Website Jul. 3, 2017


Glad to visit here!

Email Website Mar. 8, 2017

Brenda Jones

Well done, nice site!

Email Feb. 25, 2017

Alan Daniel

Ron you are still such a handsome man. Thanks for the website and memories. Big fan of yours. Glad you're happy. Al in Tampa. Ever up here, will make you lunch.Would be my thrill and pleasure. I am retired from MOMA in NYC. I live in Temple

Terrace. Cheers. Carpe Diem.

Email Jan. 25, 2017


How about a shoot interview Ron?

Email Website Jan. 24, 2017

Mary Agatha Bouquet

I was referred to this site from a friend.

Email Jan. 10, 2017

DK (p&dc)

Quite the run Big Ron

I can hardly believe it. 😎Pretty cool; very interesting.

Email Jul. 30, 2016


Glad to have found this site

Email Jul. 15, 2016


Keep it up.

Email May. 31, 2016

Rick Workman (TME)

Hey Ron. Glad to see you finally got a web presence going. Wish I still had access to all those pictures you & your dad shared. Would be a great addition to your site.